Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bad Reputations

This was inspired because me and some friends talked about the bad boy cliche and all that. I wanted to give it a shot and based the beginnings of Alek on my best friend. It all went from there. It is a definite work in progress, my writing has gotten better as I write every chapter and I'm now to the point that I can't wait to finish the book so I can rewrite it, because I think it has real potential.

  Jay Allen can't escape her life anymore than she already tries. Her best friends are the resident 'bad boys' of the town, her mother is distant, her dad is sick and she has no hopes for a love life. She is just desperately trying to get to the end of the school year without breaking down, and Alek and Nicah are more than happy to help her get to that ending. However, life has a way with ruining plans and best intentions.
  Her father gets sicker, her mother has a surprise, Alek is acting distant, and she's met a guy who won't tell her who he is, but to say he's swept her off her feet would be an understatement.
  Jay isn't sure she can handle anything else the year throws at her.

Chapters done: 18
Progress on next chapter: 0 words

I took a year off from writing and I realize I suck. 2014 was one of the shittiest years of my life, so give me a break. I've written a small bit in 2015 but hopefully I can swing it and get to writing more.


COVERS I'VE MADE: (there are a lot. Can't get one I'm in love with yet. )