Monday, July 22, 2013

The Mirror

It’s all fun and games until your name ends up on The Mirror.

Westwood High has a secret -- that is, a secret mirror. The Mirror is the schools unspoken law, the unspoken challenge and the unspoken consequence.

Once your name makes it on the Mirror, there is no going back.

When Kiera finds her name on the Mirror, for something she didn’t do, she goes on a mission to redeem her reputation and clear her name from The Mirror. Easy, right?

Not so much.

Trouble arises when her only chance for clearing her name is still mad at her from an event that occurred in the third grade.


“Nobody makes it out alive after their names are put on the Mirror. They stay there forever, they don’t wash off and the school will never get rid of it. People’s lives are ruined because of that reflective glass, and I refuse to be on it for something I didn’t even do.”
This is a B.A. story idea I have. The first time ever that I'll be writing with teenage characters instead of mid twenties characters.

I have some of the plot figured but I have a ways to go with developing Kiera's character and the mystery persons character. However, this is a cool idea.

I got it when I was thinking of how people will write on bathroom stalls. You know what I mean, right?

I haven't written anything yet, I will probably work on it when I have more of Ink, Perks and a little bit of F&A worked out.

Stay tuned.

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