Sunday, July 21, 2013

In Ink

In Ink

Blurb: Analia is a hard working journalist temporarily working as the advice columnist. When she runs into Nathaniel Ross, a journalist out to destroy the paper she works at, a plan to sabotage goes all kinds of wrong. Go figure. Problem #1: He's annoying and hard to work with. Problem #2: He knows her. As in, he knows who she works for. Problem #3: She knows him. As in, from the past. The twists and turns may never end.

Chapters complete: 10
Progress on next chapter: 0 words

Oh, guys I have so many plans for this story. I have "In Ink" then I have "In Print" which is a direct sequel. "In Writing" is about Kyle and Kat (it is a multi-POV book.) Then I have "In Pictures" For the last guy left (I write in Chris' name when I write it, but it could change to Nate if I feel that I should do that.)

The covers (So far. Liable to change.)

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