Friday, July 26, 2013


Working Blurb:

“Someday can’t come soon enough.”

We all live in a world of ‘somedays’, so what makes Jase any different?

His class.

When he enrolled in a philosophy class, he never quite thought he’d be in for the project of his life. A project full of ‘somedays’ that come true.

This is an idea I just got while talking to my very distressing friend. I always think about how someday she will get away from the shit she gets in, and then I had the thought "Someday can't come soon enough." and there we have it.

Another story idea.

Shoot me.

Tell me what you think of it, and here is a rough draft (I changed it a lot, it's much better than what is below.) of a scene I wrote:

The Professor walked into the large room and stared at each student before writing the word 'Someday' in big scrawling letters. He turned back to the confused students.

"We're trying something new. We all say it once in our life at least. Someday I'll do this, or someday we'll do that. Usually its something important that we want but will never admit how much. Think of a someday, and tell us out loud." The class glanced nervously around, before settling into a silent tension. The Professor cleared his throat.
"Nobody gets out of this, it's part of your grade, so I suggest you guys start talking."

A girl called out hesitantly, "Someday, I'll travel the world and get away from everything here."

"Someday, I'll know what it feels like to fulfill my dreams," a guy yelled out.

"I'll graduate and help people, like my grandfather; someday." The boy spoke clearly, but quietly.

"Someday, I'll find my mom and we will be reunited." A girl in the back called out hesitantly.

A guy in the front of the class leaned back, his face painted in interest. He snorted loud enough to catch the attention of the Professor. When he raised his eyebrows in question, the guy mused out loud for the class to hear.

"Someday can't come soon enough."

Chapters done: 3

Progress on next chapter:0 words

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