Friday, July 26, 2013


Working Blurb:

“Someday can’t come soon enough.”

We all live in a world of ‘somedays’, so what makes Jase any different?

His class.

When he enrolled in a philosophy class, he never quite thought he’d be in for the project of his life. A project full of ‘somedays’ that come true.

This is an idea I just got while talking to my very distressing friend. I always think about how someday she will get away from the shit she gets in, and then I had the thought "Someday can't come soon enough." and there we have it.

Another story idea.

Shoot me.

Tell me what you think of it, and here is a rough draft (I changed it a lot, it's much better than what is below.) of a scene I wrote:

The Professor walked into the large room and stared at each student before writing the word 'Someday' in big scrawling letters. He turned back to the confused students.

"We're trying something new. We all say it once in our life at least. Someday I'll do this, or someday we'll do that. Usually its something important that we want but will never admit how much. Think of a someday, and tell us out loud." The class glanced nervously around, before settling into a silent tension. The Professor cleared his throat.
"Nobody gets out of this, it's part of your grade, so I suggest you guys start talking."

A girl called out hesitantly, "Someday, I'll travel the world and get away from everything here."

"Someday, I'll know what it feels like to fulfill my dreams," a guy yelled out.

"I'll graduate and help people, like my grandfather; someday." The boy spoke clearly, but quietly.

"Someday, I'll find my mom and we will be reunited." A girl in the back called out hesitantly.

A guy in the front of the class leaned back, his face painted in interest. He snorted loud enough to catch the attention of the Professor. When he raised his eyebrows in question, the guy mused out loud for the class to hear.

"Someday can't come soon enough."

Chapters done: 3

Progress on next chapter:0 words

Monday, July 22, 2013

Perks of being a Porn Star

Tori isn't normal.
Ah, but who is?
Thing is, she's a porn star. And she loves it.
But when you are one of the most wanted women in the industry, you're bound to run into a few crazies.

**Note: This is not going to be grossly graphic, I will not go into full blown sex scenes. This Is Tori's life, not her sexual exploits. Read on.**

Chapter complete: 5

Progress on next chapter: 211 words

Just the story I write to make myself laugh. It is pretty popular, but that has to be because it's about a porn star. Hormonal teenagers -.-

It is set on humor, maybe a little romance, a quirky best friend and a stalker.

I just like to write it to laugh and write, so when people pressure me on it, it will just make the wait longer.

City of Survivors

The world had shifted. What was once ocean was now land, and what was land was now buried deep in the water. Everyone who survived what is referred to as The Cleansing has to return to the basics to survive in the once again wild world.

Emalye hasn’t seen Julian since her world was destroyed that fateful Wednesday morning. When the waves had crashed down on them, and they were torn from each other, Emalye knew he hadn’t made it.

When a guy arrives at her door 12 years later, she believes it’s just too good to be true.

And it is.

Julian has some secrets, and Emalye has to figure them out if she hopes to have him back.
Post-apocalyptic story that I have started on. I have the idea kind of mapped out, and the characters are sort of there, just not all the way.

Progress: 66 words

By the way, I say her name Emma-Lie Not Emma-Lee. But I don't care how you say it.

The Mirror

It’s all fun and games until your name ends up on The Mirror.

Westwood High has a secret -- that is, a secret mirror. The Mirror is the schools unspoken law, the unspoken challenge and the unspoken consequence.

Once your name makes it on the Mirror, there is no going back.

When Kiera finds her name on the Mirror, for something she didn’t do, she goes on a mission to redeem her reputation and clear her name from The Mirror. Easy, right?

Not so much.

Trouble arises when her only chance for clearing her name is still mad at her from an event that occurred in the third grade.


“Nobody makes it out alive after their names are put on the Mirror. They stay there forever, they don’t wash off and the school will never get rid of it. People’s lives are ruined because of that reflective glass, and I refuse to be on it for something I didn’t even do.”
This is a B.A. story idea I have. The first time ever that I'll be writing with teenage characters instead of mid twenties characters.

I have some of the plot figured but I have a ways to go with developing Kiera's character and the mystery persons character. However, this is a cool idea.

I got it when I was thinking of how people will write on bathroom stalls. You know what I mean, right?

I haven't written anything yet, I will probably work on it when I have more of Ink, Perks and a little bit of F&A worked out.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

In Ink

In Ink

Blurb: Analia is a hard working journalist temporarily working as the advice columnist. When she runs into Nathaniel Ross, a journalist out to destroy the paper she works at, a plan to sabotage goes all kinds of wrong. Go figure. Problem #1: He's annoying and hard to work with. Problem #2: He knows her. As in, he knows who she works for. Problem #3: She knows him. As in, from the past. The twists and turns may never end.

Chapters complete: 10
Progress on next chapter: 0 words

Oh, guys I have so many plans for this story. I have "In Ink" then I have "In Print" which is a direct sequel. "In Writing" is about Kyle and Kat (it is a multi-POV book.) Then I have "In Pictures" For the last guy left (I write in Chris' name when I write it, but it could change to Nate if I feel that I should do that.)

The covers (So far. Liable to change.)